We're mapping Atlanta's urban heat islands with community science.

What is UrbanHeatATL?

Because heat extremes disproportionately affect the most vulnerable community members, and are particularly deadly in densely populated urban centers such as Atlanta, the UrbanHeatATL team is launching its urban heat mapping initiative as part of the Atlanta Science Festival. The interactive citizen science event will investigate temperature throughout Atlanta, by lending DIY temperature sensors to students, who will track temperature over several months, through the hottest months of summer, when urban heat islands are the most pronounced. 

We’re celebrating the launch of the UrbanHeatATL project during the Atlanta Science Festival. At this panel discussion, which features both climate and community experts, we will show preliminary data, and discuss how urban heat islands tie in concepts related to climate change, urban greenspace as instruments of community resilience, energy burden, and redlining. 

Featured Event: It's Getting Hot in Here: Urban Heat Islands in Atlanta

Join the UrbanHeatATL team for this free, online panel discussion through the Atlanta Science Festival. Learn the science behind urban heat islands and their relationship to climate change & environmental justice. Discuss solutions with experts who are advancing climate justice through a lens of racial justice and equity. Discover how community scientists are mapping temperature extremes in Atlanta with high-tech sensors, and learn how to get involved!

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