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Do you want to learn more about Urban Heat Islands, and what we can do to help mitigate their effects in Atlanta? 

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Upcoming Events

ScIC8: Science is Cool Georgia

February 25

How can we champion STEM education in Georgia and around the world? ScIC8 is a fully online, completely free event that will inspire with speakers and influencers who champion STEM education. Join us as we support STEM educators and change science education across the planet! This event includes UrbanHeatATL as a special featured presenter.

Past Events

Innovate4Cities: Virtual Conference

October 11 - 15

Join the UrbanHeatATL team at the Innovate4Cities Conference. Innovate4Cities 2021 will focus on the nexus between science and practice with a focus on innovation — vital to realizing ambitious climate action. The conference will also closely examine local challenges and priority needs as well as cross-sector, cross-topic pathways to achieving success. This iteration of the conference promises to feature a much stronger focus on regional voices.

Global Climate Action Symposium

September 27, 28, 29

Watch the premiere of UrbanHeatATL’s new feature during a lightning talk showcase at the third-annual Global Climate Action Symposium! The third-annual Symposium will take place online, and is free and open to all. Themes include: Sustainable Food, Climate & Health, and the UN Ocean’s Decade.

Blue Sky Hero Citizen Science Webinar

September 23

Join the UrbanHeatATL team and, experts from PocketLab and Georgia Tech for a webinar on how UrbanHeatATL is contributing to climate change solutions, why PocketLab Weathers and Notebook are a big part of this exciting project, and how administrators, teachers, and students can join the fight against climate change and become Blue Sky Heroes.

It's Getting Hot in Here: Urban Heat Islands in Atlanta

Join the UrbanHeatATL team for this free, online panel discussion through the Atlanta Science Festival. Learn the science behind urban heat islands and their relationship to climate change & environmental justice. Discuss solutions with experts who are advancing climate justice through a lens of racial justice and equity. Discover how community scientists are mapping temperature extremes in Atlanta with high-tech sensors, and learn how to get involved!